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Cybul BMW E46 angle lock kit was developed after the first successful tests of the E36 angle lock kit. It was 3D CAD designed and tested on the track. Our engineers were in close contact with test drivers. Each test session resulted in key suggestions about required improvements in the handling. The finally available product to the public takes the handling of E46 to a whole new level, providing over 70 degrees of maximum turning angle.

Main benefits:

  • Correct steering wheel behavior – it comes back easily during transitions, does not wobble on the full lock
  • Over 70 degrees of maximum lock angle
  • Changed suspension and steering kinematics – reduced bump steer on turned wheels, corrected roll center, increased camber angle, deleted Ackerman angle, corrected caster angle, improved steering responce, corrected lower pivot point
  • Maximum angle lock can be adjusted steplessly. 2 adjustable limiters on each control arm allow you to stop the wheel from rubbing the bodyshell
  • Camber plates allow adjustment of caster angle
  • Camber angle can be adjusted on the control arm

Key features:

  • Made of high strength steel
  • All the parts required for installation are included in the kit
  • Motorsport rod ends are used for longevity – 3-piece, PTFE lined with 4130 chromoly body
  • Rubber covers for rod ends provide water and dust protection
  • Pivots housings are welded at a correct angle which guarantees pivots longevity
  • 100% bolt-on solution
  • 3D cad designed
  • 100% made in the EU

In the package you get:

  • 2 (pair) control arms
  • 2 (pair) rod ends for control arms
  • 4 (2 pairs) rubber covers for rod ends
  • 2 (pair) misalignment bushings for control arms rod ends
  • 2 (pair) pivots
  • 2 (pair) 90 ShA polyurethane bushings for control arms
  • 2 (pair) camber plates
  • 2 (pair) spherical bearing for camber plates with circlips
  • 2 (pair) steering rods
  • 2 (pair) rod ends for steering rods
  • 4 (two pairs) high angle misalignment bushings for steering rods rod ends
  • 2 (pair) knuckle adapters
  • 4 (two pairs) chromoly, heat-treated cone inserts for knuckles
  • Set of bolts and nuts
  • Printed installation manual

Please note, that prices in GBP and USD exclude VAT tax. We strongly suggest installation in a specialized workshop.

Peso 17 kg
Dimensiones 25 × 25 × 17 cm